Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Heavy Metal

Lying in the bath, she called out to him for company and he dragged himself away from the computer. The candles dotted around the bathroom infused everything with a warm glow and filled the air with the scent of heated vanilla, producing an overall sensation of total serenity. They had spent the weekend wrapped up in each other. Hour after hour of fucking, interspersed with feeding or snuggling on the couch to refract whilst watching a film.

As he stood beside her, she reached out and parted his robe. Her soapy hand grasping its target, carefully cleaning her residue from all the nooks and crannies and rinsing it off with a flannel.

He smiled and knelt down on the floor beside the bath, trailing his fingers through the bubbles until he could run their tips across the soft mound between her legs. Parting the foam, he inspected the area thoroughly, before pulling at the various strands of hair and carefully trimming the longer lengths with the nail scissors. Extending each of the recalcitrant tresses and snipping it level with its neighbour.

Stopping once in a while to watch her face as she relaxed back into the warm water and surrendered herself to his attentions, he pursued his task. Following the line of her outer labia up one side to the join at the top. The little triangle formed by the two lips and her clit and the most delicate of areas. One slip of the hand, one lapse in concentration would mean disaster.

He could feel her shiver every time the blade of the scissors brushed against her clit. Cold hard metal on the softest of hot flesh and the completeness of the intimacy sending the thrills of desire coursing through her. Little rippling shivers communicating themselves from the receivers in her brain and effervescing into the pleasure centres in her groin. Arousing her again and again each time there was the slightest contact. Her breathing building to little short panting gasps of need until he pulled her out of the bath and bent her, wet and dripping, over the side to slide his way into her.

One stroke, two, three and then she pushed him away.

Grabbing his cock she dragged him into the bedroom. Dropping to all fours and applying her tulip to her throbbing clit, he heard her scream for him as the orgasm hit instantly and then multiplied as he plunged into her over and over again. His semen filling her as he collapsed prostrate onto her still climaxing body.


Standing naked as she washed up in the kitchen, he caught her completely unawares. One arm suddenly wrapped around her from behind, forcing her body into his and holding her completely still. The other hand pressing the blade of the big kitchen knife to her throat as she froze in panic.

The cold steel on her neck throwing her into a confusion of simultaneous panic and excitement. She knew what she should do to attempt to free herself and yet, because of who he was, she was unwilling to even try. The penalty for any error could be catastrophic. She stood there immobilised, her mouth vocalising the fear, begging him to put down the weapon, whilst her mind screamed its terror.

And yet she couldn't help but be aware of her cunt moistening; the lust rising and betraying her once again.

The denouement was inevitable.

Did he now know her better than she knew herself...?


ez cheese said...

Oh my, I have always felt weird about the fact that I fantasize about this sort of thing.

A gun to my head or a knife to my throat, I can't imagine anything more dangerous yet I can't imagine anything more exciting.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh so hot! I echo ez cheese, I still feel somewhat uncomfortable about having these kind of fantasies, but I guess the great thing about blogging is how it lets us know so many share them. BG x

having my cake said...

I guess Ruf thought that with the effect of the scissors, the knife was the next natural step. It was the most curious experience. Whether a stranger doing the same thing would have had the same consequences...?

Jennybean said...

hmmm interesting for sure

Anonymous said...

of he knows her better than she knows herself.
That makes it better for her.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It's like when Sundance pulled a gun on Etta. He wasn't much of a beaver trimmer though.

justme said...

Nope! A knife would be a step too far for me!

Anonymous said...

Ruf! Wow! :)

One of my favourite things is a hand pressing (somewhat lightly) on my throat during sex. That little tinge of danger just flavours everything a bit.