Friday, 5 September 2008

UnderRated: Male Body Hair

I don't think I've made any secrets of my admiration for the hairier man. It's not that I don't also adore the smooth-skinned Adonis - especially ones who have just that delicious line of dark hair stretching from their belly button down to their groin. (Trust me, if I could have found a picture to illustrate this, there would have been one.)

But it's the hairy ones that really touch me to the core.

And yet, I was not always that way. In the callow, precious innocence of my youth, I found what I deemed superfluous male body hair revolting. The very idea made me recoil with repugnance. My friends and I would giggle shrilly at the unpleasantness of such a thought. We wanted the soft epidermal nakedness of boys not the rough prickle of real men.

I remained firmly of this opinion until I reached my 40s and strange things started happening to my mind. The decreasing progesterone levels within me causing a chemical imbalance which allowed my natural testosterone to come to the fore, changing my lusts and desires and even my tastes. I became less compliant and more determined. Foods that I had hitherto rejected were suddenly very appealing. I wanted to take up more dangerous sports in pursuit of an adrenalin high. To exercise until I was hot and sweaty and endorphins were buzzing through my body. As a result of this lifestyle rethink, I came into contact with a similar type of man.

It was around this time that facial stubble started to become very attractive. I knew that it would give me scrum pox if I were to rub my delicate cheeks against it but, suddenly, that no longer mattered.

When I first saw the Bear without his shirt in the gym, I can remember the impact as if it were yesterday. The patina of perspiration on the back of his neck running into the soft pelt covering his muscled shoulders all the way down to his waist. I just wanted to reach out my hand and touch it... and had to restrain myself forcefully. It was a most peculiar transformation from my previous disgust at such a thought.

There was another man that I met recently who caused me to visibly shiver when I saw the hair on the backs of his hands and his knuckles.

Ruf doesn't have a hairy back. It is confined to his chest but is a thick, crisp and curly darkness that crinkles beneath my fingers as I caress it (a bit like Jeff Fahey's pictured left). And he becomes stubbly very quickly after shaving. Sometimes, my face can be rubbed red raw by our interactions but, no matter, I continue regardless.

There have been HNTs where hairy men have posted their bared chests and I have come over all peculiar. This one by Mendicatus** springs to mind.

So what is it that caused this abrupt volte face? Is it some prehistoric instinct related to the obvious expression of their virility? Or have I gone into some kind of Faye Wray mode where I long for the overpowering animal to ravish me? I'm sure Mr Gorilla Bananas will have some view on the subject.

**Other hairy-chested bloggers are also available including Mr Southern Sage, Mr Easily Aroused and Mr Tom Allen



Loving Annie said...

I like some chest hair on the pecs, and nothing on the neck or back !

Hairy guys creep me out - especially when I see it on their arms or creeping around the shirt collars...

Angela-la-la said...

I think your turnaround is due to a mix of Faye Wray and Ruff. Way ruff! :)

Southern Sage said...

well this weeks HNT I got this comment

I have a vocabulary word for you. Your very own vocabulary word, you lucky cowboy!

Hirsutophilia (hur-S(Y)OOT-uh-FIL-ee-uh) - Attraction to hairy men.

I am not particularly hairy but anyway evidently she likes the chest hair. I would never ever ever shave my arms legs or chest though, that is just ummmmmm well not how I roll.

Riff Dog said...

I kinda wonder if men shaving their chests is going to go out of style soon. I never really understood why some women would like that in the first place. But then, I never understood why anyone would want to suck on a cock either, so what do I know?

Walker said...

It's the nature of the beast that turns your crank. ;)

Coquette said...

Oh, I DO like the chest hair! Haven't quite graduated to back hair, but I've still got qute a bit of progesterone coursing through my veins.

And I'm the one who left the vocab word on Sage's blog. Feel free to use it.

I'm new to youre blog, and it's great!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Mrs Cake, you are a lucky woman to have experienced the feelings of a female gorilla in oestrus. Having discovered your inner ape, I think you should go with the flow. Mating with apes would be going to far, but you could always get Ruf to approach you on all fours and take you from behind in the garden. He could start his training by learning a few grunt from a zoology tape.

B said...

surely it is some kind of genetic engineering? When we are young we like them bare, as they invariably are. As we age they get hairier and we learn to appreciate it. It stops the majority of us behaving like eejits chasing lovers 30 years our junior/senior. Just a thought. (and please excuse the generalisations)

As my husband ages his once bare chest (apart from that delicious trail) is getting remarkably thick. I love it.

What I do not love is the hairs sprouting from his ears and I take sadistic pleasure with the tweezers in removal duty. He used to take great exception to my methods, until his mad Scottish drunk hairdresser suggested I do it sat upon him in my underwear ;)

and regarding Hirsutophilia- that's a new one on me, thanks S.S / coquette. It seems there is a name for almost anything. There is a great list on 'the phrontistery'

Mendicatus said...

Thank you for the like Cake. You have are always welcome (encouraged, indeed) to come over me (peculiar or otherwise) whenever you so wish.

Coincidentally, your Venus HNT provoked a similar reaction in me - seeing your chest made me come (over all peculiar).

Dazza said...

Another underrated thing is the knowledge of, and correct usage of the word callow. You would be surprised how few people know it is a "real" word.

Nicely written,

Daren (Callow)

marianne said...

Yum. Not sure I'm a hirsutophile (thanks, Sage), but I do like me some nice body hair to play with. In terms of facial hair, I'm torn. I like both, when that face is spending time in my nether regions. Sometimes I want it scratchy and stubbly and... oh, lord, may need to go take care of some business soon. Um, right, yeah. Back. Sometimes I like it smooth and slippery. Damn. This whole topic has me ... kind of aroused. And Ruf's chest? Well, yeah. Definitely, yeah.

Polar said...

First thing I noticed was the Swan Medallion! I thought of you when I saw the one this morning.
A little while back I was feeling a little out of place, with all my body hair. I looked closer to the Grizzly and Polar Bears outside, than not.
While at work I recruited some assistance to trim up a little, in the hard to reach areas. More came off than expected, so I continued the same pattern to where I could reach.
Needless to say the reaction upon returning home: “I was NEVER to trim that much again!”
Lesson Learned!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I'm not keen on hairy backs, but chest hair really does it for me, the captain usually trims his to nothing, but grew it back once he realised how much I love it! BG

Isabella Snow said...

I like it as long as it's not a jungle. Trimming is good!

Tom Allen said...

**Other hairy-chested bloggers are also available including [some younger guys] and Mr Tom Allen

Yeah, as long as nobody minds that it's mostly gray hair :-\

Trixie said...

Hhhmmmm, jury is still out over here. I've with Annie, some chest hairs, okay. That's as far as I fancy it!

Ro said...

Hmmm ... I'm somewhere in between I guess. I'm happy with the amount of chest hair I have but I have a predominantly hair-free back; I say "predominantly" because one of the side-effects of age is the growth of hair in areas it has previously avoided.

Ah well, I guess I can't appeal to everyone - as long as I don't get complaints from the woman I'm with, I can live with that :)

ez cheese said...

I am happy to be proudly representing the treasure trailed men

Suzanne Portnoy said...

I'm not a big fan of hairy guys.In fact, I told a guy quite recently that if he ever wanted to see me again, he should wax his back. But about a month ago I met a man with fine, dark hair covering his chest. It wasn't bristly at all. He was an ex-dancer, still very fit and well, the combo of a lovely firm body combined with all that manly hair was very attractive. Mind you, he had the most fantastic, thick cock too.