Saturday, 13 September 2008

Putting the Arrrrr into Prostate

When Ruf expressed a desire to investigate his prostate, the lovely people at LoveHoney provided me with two new toys.

Nexus Duo Vibrating Unisex G Spot Stimulator Medium

This little white pleasure stick was actually much smaller than I expected, which is probably why Ruf was quite happy to insert it into his posterior. We've tried before with both a strap on and a medium sized butt plug but his bottom just wasn't having it. Clenched tight in panic and repelling all attempted boarders.

This little white bundle of joy, however, was just the job because, lubed up and switched on prior to insertion, it relaxed his muscles as it progressed inwards.

Once in position, he could leave it in there for a considerable length of time without feeling distended and the vibrations were very pleasant as he pleasured himself... or got me to do it for him.

He felt quite comfortable with it fully inserted because the design of the base made him confident that it was going to stop right there and not disappear inside him, providing him with a very pleasurable first experience of battery-operated prostate massaging. He even fell asleep for a while with it up there, he was so relaxed!

Naturally, I had to get in on the act. Personally, I think Ruf's enthusiastic thrusting has stretched my bottom and I fear fecal incontinence in later life because I could hardly feel the blessed thing. I consoled myself with the knowledge that, since I don't have a P spot, we should really have been inserting it into the other hole...

Toy Joy Private Dancer Beginner's Prostate Massager

Ruf and I both had a go with this one too. It was bigger than the white vibrating Nexus Duo but, lubed up and stretched by the other insertion, this disappeared into Ruf quite easily and he enjoyed having me 'rummage' around with it as we tried to locate his prostate whilst he was pleasuring himself. The little hook handle is very clever.

When the tables were turned, the penetrative part is not as long as the average anal dildo but the shape of it felt very nice as he jammed it against my perineum and waggled using the handle. In conjunction with my tulip clit stimulator, it was certainly very pleasant although I'm not sure it was hitting any particularly sensitive pleasure spots.

The 'bottom line' for both these devices is that they were a good introduction to prostate massage for beginners like us and we have continued to incorporate them into our play, both Ruf on his own and the pair of us together.



Anonymous said...

well now I know!

Good review!

Anonymous said...

That's something I'd like to try on my guy... er, on one of my guys. :)

Ro said...

I'm not entirely sure that Ruf falling asleep with one of those inside him is necessarily a recommendation!

And I'm wondering if The Beloved has read this yet :o

Anonymous said...

I have some of those things... ahem.

Kevin Musgrove said...

You've obviously got 'the touch!' I'm at the age where the doctor's rubber glove is an occasional visitor and it always ends in a tug o'war. Every useful muscle in my body is as limp as last week's lettuce but one part still has the grip of a honey badger.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Only a truly macho man can stick things up his bum without feeling a bit queer. I still think you should try the foot orgasm, Mrs Cake.

nitebyrd said...

Thanks for these reviews, Cake. I'm going to investigate the first one a little more, it definitely sounds promising for some new fun!