Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Perfect Day

Perfect weekend really.

Ruf and I indulging our hobby with other enthusiasts.

Tea in the local pub, followed by the evening at my new flat with friends, who could stay over. One of them said they had never seen me looking so happy, which probably says it all really.

And the following day a long walk with the same friends along the prom in warm September sunshine, punctuated by ice cream and lunch.

Then, when everyone else had started their return journeys, the rest of the afternoon and evening in bed with my lover, sometimes fucking furiously, sometimes purely just loving each other, before watching Donnie Brasco starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.

I don't think I could have asked for anything more.

Sometimes, life can be incredibly sweet.


Ro said...

We all need the occasional time-out like that when we can simply enjoy ourselves and feel that, despite everything else, life can still be good.

I'm glad you had your opportunity :-)

TROLL Y2K said...

What's your shared hobby?

Jackie Adshead said...

Thats really lovely.... I'm happy for you. Your happiness has been a long time coming.

Clare said...

That's great news. It sounds like things are coming together, and about time too!

Osbasso said...


Polar said...

SO WONDERFUL for You 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fine day to me, in all its respects.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, the post-coital Donny Brasco. I bet you slept easy after that.

nitebyrd said...

How wonderful for you!

Red said...

Sounds like a great day to me. Many more.

Joanna Cake said...

Ro - It was just the most wonderful time :)

Troll - Fighting :P

Jackie - You can say that again!

Clare - Thank you, Im starting to feel much more positive about everything in my life :)

Os - ;P

Polar - :)

Mr writeon - The icecream was butterscotch and it was divine!

Mr B - LMAO. It was ante-coital too. Nothing like a bit of Al and Johnny for getting me frisky :)

Nitebyrd - Thank you x

Red - See my reply to Mrwriteon, the taste of that icecream. Mmmmm...

aka k said...

ah the prom in the sunshine. what a great place to clear a hangover :)

that would be me, jogging along, last Saturday morning.