Monday, 28 December 2009

Undisclosed Desires

Kneeling between my legs, he admired my nakedness.

Commented on my fabulous nipples and glorious breasts.

The kissability of my flat stomach.

And the wonder of my cunt as his fingers caressed it.

Comparing and contrasting with the previous night when I had arrived, tense and exhausted from an emotional week full of family trauma and compounded by a three hour rain lashed drive along Britain's motorways.

After a suitable period of recovery and a cup of tea, he had tried to initiate. Carefully stripping my clothes away, along with the cares and stresses of my other life, he kissed and petted me into relaxation.

And then, kneeling between my spread legs, he examined my pussy. His fingers touching, stroking and exploring the folds and creases. Squeezing the outer lips together and experimenting with different techniques of arousal.

But I was just too tired to respond properly. Sure, there was some moistness but the flesh itself remained resolutely that... skin, in both colour and texture.

Whereas now, after an intense session of lovemaking and a brief rest to recuperate, those same lips were engorged with blood. Swollen, pinky-red petals that opened like a rosebud to welcome him. Exactly the right shape to admit his cockhead, should he choose to push just a fraction harder.

But, no, he wanted me to wait.

To want.

To need it desperately.

Pulling back his foreskin and clenching the base of his penis in one fist, he watched the dewy, distended fronds sway as if in a gentle breeze. Controlled by the rhythm of my internal muscles as they contracted in response to the gentle ministrations of the fingers on his other hand.

He needed to see the opening dilating and pulsing in recognition of its desire for him.

Required my acknowledgement that all this was beautiful.

My lust.

Wide open to his gaze and calling to him like a siren song.

Until he could resist no more.

The head of his cock, dark red and swollen with the blood squeezed into it by the pressure of his clamped fist. Pushing backwards and forwards along the sodden cleft of my desire, before plunging into the slippery dark depths.

My flesh contracting around and behind him. Sealing him inside as the deluge engulfed him.

And his ears rang to the sound of my screams.


Polar said...

Oh So Wonderful...the Love, Desire and Need, you both Display to each other!
I am so very Thrilled to be able to follow your Wonderful Love, during this extended and often troubling courtship!
He has Proven to you, His Love, and He was able to See your Desire and Love, and NEED!


that I shall have that again.....

Gypsy said...

Is there anything more wonderful than a man who knows exactly what you need and knows your body like he knows his own? You are truly blessed Joanna and you deserve this wonder in your life.

Jackie Adshead said...

Yes, he loves you certainly and wants to please and pleasure you. You describe love and desire so eloquently.........its beautiful.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Great to know that you've mastered the deluge thing, Joanna!