Thursday, 26 March 2009

HNT: Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

Watching the rugby and hearing the Referee instruct the front row of the scrum to "Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage", it made me think of the way Ruf sometimes opens our encounters.

I've mentioned my blotchy cheeks before in The Come Shot. But this rash can extend over my chest as well... as you can see. Partly it's due to Ruf's stubble but sometimes, as in this case, he hasn't even touched me with his face and this starts to happen.

Bending slightly to kiss me, his fingers trace lines and pull at restricting lace to reveal goosepimpled flesh. Before he moves away to admire the effects of his work.

He loves to do that. Light the blue touchpaper... and then retire for a moment. Get my motor running, before withdrawing. Waiting to see the extent of my arousal. Watch me quiver with repressed excitement. My skin visibly changing colour before his eyes, yearning for him to come back and complete the job.

Crouch, Touch, Pause... and Engage.



Amorous Rocker said...

Crouch, Touch, Pause and..... Engage. How I love and hate that at once. It's deliciously exciting but a tad frustrating as well, heh.

Lovely picture. Happy HNT.

Southern Sage said...

excellent pic!

engage.... yes ma'am I'm in for that!

AL (the inventor) GORE said...

I invented Rugby. Nice para and pic!

Mike said...

wouldn`t mind being a scrum with you ;)

Vixen said...

Great corset!

nitebyrd said...

Lovely picture and I love the corset!

Happy HNT!

Osbasso said...

If I were looking at you, I wouldn't even notice the blotchies!

marcellonyc said...

Very Sexy!

BigBen said...

Is this now a multi-player team sport? I'll join the scrum :)

scarlet-blue said...

Just read your current post. Wishing you well.

Edge said...

you are simply lovely
good luck to you, I know the nightmare from inside and out