Friday, 8 May 2009

Glow Plugs and the Kegel8 Effect

I have been testing the Kegel8 Tight and Tone to see if it can make any difference of some symptoms that I have noticed as a result of my impending Menopause.

See here for instructions on how to use and selecting the correct programme

The experts recommend that: "It is used for 12 weeks daily to get the initial strength. A woman can tell she is stronger because she regains control, or doesn't need to go to the loo as often, or doesn't get up in the middle of the night for a wee. If she is sexually active she will find her partner will notice before she does, she will also notice stronger orgasms too. So really it is win win!

"If you want to get really strong, I mean ping-pong shooting out, milking-him variety, then daily use, but also with manual exercises - that means NOT stopping mid stream - this is no indicator of strength and can cause bladder infections/problems. You must perfect the squeeze and pull up technique, you can also do with this when your Kegel8 is giving you a muscle contraction too. If you are really focused, go the French way - yes our French sisters have no qualms about the anal probe, and use the anal and vaginal together, this gets to all layers of the muscle (primarily used here in the UK for women with rectal prolapse).

"The pelvic floor can tire very easily - that's why we go looser into a long love making you need to build up your endurance, there is a programme for that too!

"Use it or lose it"

As is well-documented on this blog, I don't have any qualms about the effectiveness of my pelvic floor in terms of its strength. However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I do have concerns about my bladder muscles because of my repeated problems with cystitis.

I had also started to become aware of some discomfort when Ruf entered me and suspected the dreaded 'vaginal atrophy' due to the hormonal imbalances caused by the Menopause. It was almost as if my body was not lubricating uniformly. Once inside, everything was fine but it was the initial entry that just didn't seem to be working as effectively as it had previously.

Imagine the difference between a petrol and a diesel engine. The petrol fires up straightaway but, with the diesel, those glow plugs have to be switched on for a short while before you can achieve ignition. If you try to start the motor straightaway, the combustion of the Air/Fuel mix means that it doesn't fire properly. That's how it seemed to me. I had become a diesel. And if we didn't use extra lube or pay extra attention to that area, then the discomfort could interfere with the rest of the session.

I had been using the Kegel8 every other day (or every day when time permitted) for three weeks and trying to contract my muscles in time with the electronic stimulation. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't get the frequency-type cystitis symptoms that are normally a by-product of a long weekend fucking with Ruf and, by the start of the third week, I wasn't having to rush home from work for a pee as I had before.

And I am pleased to announce that my conscientious attitude to my exercise regime certainly resulted in improved cunt performance last weekend. To quote Ruf: 'It feels different. It's even nicer to slide into.' Whether that was due to it having been drier over the last couple of months I'm not sure, but the lubrication at the entrance was much improved as was my own sensitivity. It was almost as if the muscles had become more developed and made the canal's pleasure sensors more reactive.

It wasn't so much that it was tighter, it was always that. More that it was firmer, more toned and enveloped him better with more of the nerve endings making contact. This meant that he came more often through penetration than he had been of late and my orgasms were more intense than they had been for a while.

I used the Kegel8 once during that weekend in an attempt to stop the loosening of the pelvic floor due to repeated penetration and it meant that I retained sensitivity for longer. By the third day, I was still able to come manually, rather than having to rely on my sex toys for clitoral stimulation during penetration as is usually the case.

Whether or not my hormones will settle down to permit me to be a V8 petrol engine once again remains to be seen, but I can still be one of the modern, reliable, economical diesel versions.

I shall definitely be continuing with this device and investigating the increased benefits of dual stimulation by using the anal probe simultaneously.

If you do feel that you would like to purchase something from their large range of pelvic muscle stimulants, I would be really grateful if you could do so via my affiliate link.

For those of you in the US, this product is approved by the FDA but can only be sold there under prescription. However, many American women have ordered direct from StressNoMore in the UK, so you can still use this link. Postage is £20 by Swiftair for quick delivery

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Loving Annie said...

Hi Cake,
Better muscle tone is a good thing :)

I got the MRA's up to 25 yesterday on the hour long Program 8 , but I had to pee about 6 times oer the next few hours. Not sure what that was about !

The wider plus-size probe still is very difficult to use (maybe because I haven't had kids ?), especially on insertion and removal.
Even with lube, it just feels uncomfortable the whole time.
They sent me the smaller one free of charge, and it should arrive in the mail by the 18th.

When I get the MRA's up to --- 80 ? Then I'll try adding the anal probe.
Good to know that both make things combined really are the most useful to add strength.

Can't wait to have sex again, knowing I can please my partner that way !

Gorilla Bananas said...

I love a good news story, Mrs Cake! It must have pretty quite fiddly to use your toys when he was penetrating you. It was also technically a threesome.

having my cake said...

Annie - I havent had kids out of that exit either so Im not sure that's the reason behind the problem. Will check with SNM to see what they say and get back to you.

Mr Bananas - If you're going to be pedantic, at some points it was actually a foursome... but that's another story :P

Lady in red said...

I am finding these posts very interesting and will definitely discuss this with my dr on tues to see if this would help my problems.

I am sorry that you suffer from cystitis so frequently, its is something I have not suffered with too often perhaps less than a dozen times in my life but I remember how bad I felt during those times.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

These posts are great thanks, I'm interested in trying one as I wonder if it'll help improve my overall core stability. If so I plan to recommend it to an EDS friend who's lost bladder control & most sensation in that area.
Are they expensive to buy? BG x

having my cake said...

LiR - The cystitis is under control through using this and taking Milk Thistle Complex - a post to follow on this discovery shortly :)

BG - The one I've got is the Kegel8 Tight and Tone which retails at £99.99 but if you follow the link there are some cheaper brands, although I dont know how their effectiveness compares. My core stability sucks because of my caesareans so Im interested to see how things develop too :) If you email me privately with your friend's symptoms, I will ask SNM if they think the Kegel can help.