Sunday, 24 May 2009

Star Trek

What can I say?

Apart from absolutely brilliant!

It will have been obvious from my Mute Mondays that I am a committed Trekkie, particularly when it comes to the original series since I grew up with those characters and I was a little trepidatious at the prospect of anyone attempting to recreate those characters.

I deliberately didn't look at the trailers or reviews and managed to avoid any spoilers, so I won't put anything of that nature here to afford you the same blank canvas with which to watch.

All I can say is that it was written and directed by people who clearly cared deeply about the legacy of Gene Roddenberry's original premise, cast and plotlines, as well as those of the various spin-offs and films so that there were many in the audience nodding their heads and smiling as the new actors playing favourite characters appeared and different references were made.

Just fabulous!


David said...

I have seen it twice, both times in IMax and could not agree with you more. I also grewup a Trekkie also (age 62). I am amazed at how the new actors were able to capture the essence of their futureparts.

Anonymous said...


Gorilla Bananas said...

It must be good if it has the approval of a dyed-in-the wool trekker like you, Mrs Cake.

Ro said...

I couldn't agree more. I've seen it twice now, and my only regret is that I've not managed to see it in IMAX.

I should add "yet" to that sentence: third time lucky :-)

Osbasso said...

I knew you'd like it! I might go again tonight.

So which had the better eye candy...this or Wolverine?

Dazza said...

Can't wait to see it. This week for sure. Nearly finished Battlestar Galactica on DVD as well... loved the picture below too.


having my cake said...

David/Ro - We tried to get together a group to go to the IMAX next Sunday but when we tried to book for 6, it was full apart from the front row... unless we wanted to go really late :( How much difference does it actually make to the viewing experience? With the special surround sound, it made my chair vibrate as it was :)

Mr Bananas - You have to go see!

Os - No one can compete with Hugh as Wolverine but I must admit to having a soft spot for the young Mr Spock :)

Dazza - My fellow Trekkie was also recommending Battlestar Galactica. I shall put it on my list of dvds to rent. Thank you x

moi said...

I was waiting to hear your opinion of the film before going myself. I feel a little better, as I was having a hard time trying to "relate." BTW, I've never been to London, but would love to go. Happy MM!

Mr. Nighttime said...

We saw it yesterday too. Absolutely loved it, and they handled the "alternate reality" very well, I thought.

Roland Hulme said...

It WAS good, wasn't it!

Rachel Noy said...

I love you!

It was such a great film. You are a better person than me, I completely spewed spoilers everywhere, but couldn't help it, it was just too good!