Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kegel8 - The Practical Stuff

Ruf and I had great fun playing with the Kegel8 Tight and Tone.

It's an electronic device that stimulates your pelvic floor muscles to keep them in tip-top condition.

Basically, you apply the special gel to the probe, paying particular attention to the metal panels. Insert it until the probe part is inside you but the handle is still exposed, ensuring that the panels face your hip bones and the wire is at the top. Connect to the A Channel on the main device and then turn it on. Using the 'Prog' button, select your programme and press the + and - keys on that channel to regulate the intensity of the mAs.

Because I can access my muscles but would like to work on extending the strength/length of their contraction, I chose Programme 9 but, if time permits, I have also used the full pelvic work-out of Programme 8, which has higher power frequencies and lasts for an hour.

I have also found Programme 7 very effective. This helps if you have a lack of sensitivity within the muscles due to nerve damage following pregnancy and I have definitely suffered with this as a result of more than one Caesarean section.

The other programmes are aimed at the pain relief of vulvadynia, and helping to control persistent 'urge' and/or frequency to pass urine and stress incontinence. Programme 5 is specifically aimed at new mothers who want to get back into shape after childbirth and the device can be used after your six week check up when your health care professional says it's OK to do so. After 12 weeks, you can progress onto the thorough Pelvic Floor Workout of Programme 8 a couple of times a week.

Initially, I chose Programme 1 but couldn't feel anything when I switched it on to only 1 or 2 mAs. That's when I asked Ruf to assist *mutters to self about really should have known better*.

He stepped in and whacked the power up to 30 which caused me to squeal. It was the most peculiar sensation. A bit like having pins and needles inside your pussy. It stayed on for a few seconds and then switched off for a few. On/off, on/off, with Ruf whacking it up to 35 and down to 25 to guage how effective I was finding it.

The worst moment came when he suddenly whacked the power up to 40 without any warning, causing me to sit up and yell with surprise. The involuntary upwards movement caused my pelvic muscles to force the probe out so that it stimulated any and all the hair follicles around my outer labia - which felt like having them all epilated simultaneously. Imagine the 'tssssss' of static electricity when someone touches you after walking over a nylon carpet... on your pubes. I'm afraid I may have used some very unladylike expletives as a result.

Once I'd got used to it, we selected Programme 9 and I settled at 30 for the power before lying on the bed and reading for the 20 minutes duration. Ruf spent about ten minutes of that knelt between my legs giggling at the contractions of my cunt as the muscles sucked the probe in and out.

The programmes take you through various levels of intensity and speeds of pulsation. It's actually very relaxing, especially as it has the added bonus of doing you good.

The following day, I sat on the sofa with my feet up and watched Dr Who. I realised afterwards that I could have chosen the hour-long Programme 8 instead.

Within a few days and with the assistance of underwear, I got used to having it there sufficiently to sit at the computer or stand up, clip the main device to my waistband and do the ironing (which is when I would often have done my manual Kegel exercises anyway). It really is a very unobtrusive device.

It's perfectly fine to lie back and let the Kegel8 do all the work but, for the best results, you should attempt to tighten your pelvic floor in time with the application of the electrical stimulant.

Of course, the real thing you want to know is 'has it made any difference?'

Fuck, yes!!!!

I shall write up the more scientific findings of this weekend and post later in the week.

If you do feel that you would like to purchase something from their large range of pelvic muscle stimulants, I would be really grateful if you could do so via my affiliate link.

For those of you in the US, this product is approved by the FDA but can only be sold there under prescription. However, many American women have ordered direct from StressNoMore in the UK, so you can still use this link. Postage is £20 by Swiftair for quick delivery

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Loving Annie said...

Thank you, Cake ! This is very helpful to know ! The details give me an idea of what to do, what not to do - and why :)

Very good news that it works... Will let you know when mine arrives :)

Loving Annie said...

Just got it in the mail this afternoon :)

Loving Annie said...
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Loving Annie said...

Ouch - ouch - ouch !!! Put a little lube all over it, but even so the probe felt too big - it hurt, even when it hadn't been turned on yet !

(granted I havn't had sex in ages, and maybe my skin has thinned with age...)

Could only get up to 10 mra's (?) but the probe itself was so uncomfortable (not the minor contractions) that I took it out - any advice ?

nitebyrd said...

I'm saving any extra money that I make now so that I can purchase this. This post made me more anxious than ever to get it!