Wednesday, 27 January 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

So, ladies, let's get it out in the open!

You've just returned from a long weekend with your husband/lover.  For two nights and two days, you've made love, you've slept, you've made love, you've eaten and then you've repeated the cycle, over and over again.

The following morning, or maybe the day after that, you start to become aware that all is not well 'down there'.  It just doesn't feel right.

At first, it's just a vague sense of unease, which slowly becomes an irritation which then begins to itch.  Until, before you know it, you don't care where you are, you just want to rub or scratch at it.  The only thing that brings any relief is when you point the high pressure shower head in that general direction.

If you don't do anything about it then, before long you will notice an unpleasant smelling yellowish-white discharge in your pants.

The vagina is a very delicate eco-system and it doesn't take much to upset it.  Over the previous 48 hours, you've caused additional lubrication, excess friction and repeatedly invaded it with a foreign body.  Add into the equation that you will probably have been drinking a lot more than usual and eating lots of processed, sugary snacks.  It's not surprising that your pussy is throwing a bit of a hissy fit.

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