Thursday, 12 November 2009

HNT: Night Vision

I have spent the last four years driving up and down Britain's motorways in search of sexual satisfaction.

But the network itself has been around for far longer of course. On 2 November, the M1 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the completion of its first section.

Whilst it was quite illuminating visiting Britain's first service station and the source of the proverbial North/South divide at Watford Gap for the first time, I now try to avoid using that particular motorway whenever possible. From my first ever journey to visit Ruf, they were digging it up and the signs announced that the cones and average speed limits would be in situ for the next 2.5 years. When they completed that bit, they moved along to the next for another year. Driving back before dawn on a Monday morning, I would pray that I was going to miss the jams around Luton but to no avail and so I changed my allegiance to the elegance of the M40.

Only this year, they started digging up the M25 in two places on my journey from east to west and I had to accept defeat and curtail my weekends by returning on Sunday night.

During the day, these vast stretches of tarmac are worrying enough with the traffic hurtling along at speeds far in excess of the national limit but, at night, they become quite terrifying.

I often wish that I had better night vision because it is severely constrained by the brightness of the headlights of the congested traffic interspersed with the blue flashing lights of the emergency services.

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Southern Sage said...

mine is the same way. Oncoming vehicles blurs me pretty bad!

Excellent click too!

Fat Controller said...

I think I'd brave contraflows all the way from Leeds to London every single week if this was my prize!

Vixen said...

Night vision. Excellent!~

nitebyrd said...

Your picture is a lovely vision!

I can't see at night either and your M25 sounds like our I95 - scary!

Happy HNT!

Nolens Volens said...

Your headlights blinded me! Hehe. HHNT!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Wow. That turned out so cool.
It's not easy to look sexy in night vision, but you've managed to master it.

the eternal list said...

love that clicky, reminds me of my favorite show


Laurie said...

Very sexy and very artistic! I love the green and the shadows!

Happy HNT!


southerngirl said...

Always so beautiful baby....


mrwriteon said...

Don't you hate that night vision thing? And, your motivation for nocturnal travel is such a good one, as well.

They say that yellow tinted glasses can help, though I've never tried.

Love your night vision picture. The subject, of course I mean.

Fat Controller said...

@mrwriteon: The only people who say that yellow tinted glasses help night vision are people trying to sell yellow tinted glasses! They do enhance contrast, but only by making the darker parts darker. Not a good thing at night! They are absolutely NOT safe for night driving!

Advizor said...

be careful on the drive, i want your beautiful body around for a long, long time.