Sunday, 1 November 2009

Question Time: the BNP on Homosexuality and Immigration

'...I understand that a lot of people find the sight of two grown men kissing in public really creepy...'

Nick Griffin, BNP, on Question Time October 2009

This was the statement that confirmed for me why Nick Griffin has been getting so many votes.

Even though his policies are indefensible to most educated people, he actually voices thoughts that many repress for fear of not being politically correct.

It is the same with his views on immigration. A lot of voters do feel that they are losing their jobs and livelihoods to people who come in from abroad and take work or benefits, exploiting our system far better than the indigenous population.

Until the Government addresses this issue openly and puts in place proper legislation to ensure that they know exactly how many people are entering and leaving our country and taking advantage of our welfare state, parties like the BNP will continue to draw voters who are frustrated at the apparent unfairness of our benefits system when it comes to immigrants and feel that someone is at least looking out for their own interests.

Of course, what they don't understand is that people like Nick Griffin don't necessarily actually empathise with them at all. What the BNP is doing is their own form of exploitation. Appearing to stand up for the common man whilst, all the time, merely adopting a stance that will win them enough popularity to start feathering their own nest.

Our only consolation is that watching Mr Griffin weaseling and smiling as he spouted statements and denials that made so many people just stare open-mouthed with disbelief, his transparency became obvious to all.

Sadly, despite the measured and sensible performance of the other panel members, at the back of all our minds was the knowledge of the shenanigans in Parliament over expenses recently. Add to that the knowledge that our elected Westminster MPs, no matter which party they purport to represent, are engaged in enforcing one rule about pay rises for those in the Civil Service involved in nursing, fire fighting and policing, whilst their own remuneration already far exceeds that of those vital public servants and will certainly not be capped in any way.

It would seem that Nick Griffin is little different from any other politician.

Where there is power and money, there will always be self-service and greed.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

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