Tuesday, 22 April 2008


She was on her knees rummaging through a pile of magazines when he came out of the bathroom and noticed her. The noise of the party below them obscured the sound of his approach and she was so engrossed in her task that she visibly started as he noisily pulled the swivel chair from under the desk and fell into it.

He looked down at her, mouth slightly open to catch her breath and hands pressed against her chest, trying to still her heart. Then she giggled and he was lost all over again.

Indicating the glossy periodicals around her, she explained that she was looking for a specific article and had been told it was in one of the back issues in the study.

From his superior position on the chair, she caught him sneaking surreptitious glances down the 'V' of her little black dress to the exposed cleavage and they both jumped when the mobile she had tucked there for safe keeping buzzed the arrival of a text.

He hurriedly looked away as she checked the message and replaced the device in its secure position.

It was then that she noticed the other heap of publications right at the back under the desk and now exposed by the removal of the swivel chair.

Without a second thought she moved forward on her hands and knees to retrieve them whilst he settled back into the chair and surveyed the scene before him.

One splendid arse stuck up in the air. The thin black material barely concealing the faint disturbance caused by the tiny thong underneath and clearly defining two peachy butt cheeks. His eyes followed the line down each slender thigh to the lacy top of black stockings, completed by black stiletto heels. It was impossible not to be affected by this most unexpected and pleasant turn of events.

With her head stuck under the desk, she suddenly became aware of her rather delicate position and that's when the devil got into her... joining the glass or two of alcohol consumed prior to the commencement of her search. The resultant intoxicating mix pervaded all her senses making her acutely conscious of the possibilities of the situation and reminding her quite forcefully of her long-standing attraction to the man himself.

She could feel his eyes boring into the fabric covering her pert behind and, almost involuntarily, she wriggled it. Just to ensure that she had his full attention. An assumption which was confirmed by the ensuing sharp intake of breath from a few feet behind her.

With the slightest of movements, she subtly altered the angle of her back, pushing the bottom further into the air and exposing the thin sliver of white skin above the lace of each stocking top. Daring him to take his courage in both hands and follow the direction of every cell in his body.

The give-away creak of the swivel chair as he shifted his position presaged the light touch of his finger as it followed the path his eyes had already taken. Trailing softly over the black fabric and down one thigh before petering out in a moment of indecision...

She did nothing, just maintained her position but her mind was pleading with him, begging him to extend those fingers further.

The change of temperature as they lifted the hem of the dress and folded it back on itself sent goosebumps chasing up her spine.

His face was so close to her exposed bottom, she could feel his breath against the coolness of her skin. She knew he was taking in the black satin Y of the thong where it cupped the base of her spine before disappearing between her buttocks. The roundness of those white cheeks, the little black scrap of fabric where it reappeared covering the most secret of places. She widened the position of her knees spreading herself, tempting him, testing him.

Both of them holding their breath and waiting... wondering if he would dare.

As she prayed for him to be bold, she could feel the moistening heat throbbing against the cotton covering. Her lust was screaming at him, desperately trying to communicate its need and she knew that he could hear her. Knew that he too was experiencing the potent effect of that urgent desire.

Despite himself and, against every good judgement in his body, he watched his hand stretch out in front of him...

... there was a bang and the sounds of the party preceded footsteps on the stairs. His wife's voice calling out to someone.

He gently replaced the frock and she rolled out from under the desk, sitting back against the wall as he regained his position in the chair.

At the top of the stairs, his spouse stopped and took in the scene. The strewn magazines, their relaxed posture and smiled. 'Bloody martial arts,' she laughed as she disappeared into the bathroom.

And that's when he stood up and took the photograph...

...before retreating to the safety of the party below whilst she continued perusing the magazines.


nitebyrd said...

Very naughty but very nice. Especially with the visual previously displayed!

Stratocast said...

Very, very nice! I do so love the teases with clothing.

Wild Cat said...

forbidden lust is always the best!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Boxer said...

Your writing gets better and better.

having my cake said...

Nitebyrd - It wasnt until I saw the photo that I was reminded of the occasion.

Strat - Someone once said to me 'less is more' and this was certainly an incredibly erotic experience.

Wild Cat - Forbidden doesnt make forgotten tho.

AB - Thank you x

Fat Controller said...

Delicious, and beautifully described.

I tagged you, btw.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written.

Angela-la-la said...

I do believe I've seen that photo, you minx! :)

Cormac Mac Art said...

I've got to read more of you, a GrĂ¡! What the hell have I been doing with my time???

Dazza said...

Very good writing... wonderful tension and release... well almost release... hope you are well!


having my cake said...

FC - Thank you. For the compliment and the tag.

BC - Glad you enjoyed.

Ange - Stay away from the brandy!

Cormac - Thanks for stopping by

Dazza - Good Luck with the new song and the gig x

Gypsy said...

Now Cake is this a story from your wonderfully carnal imagination or a recounting of an event that actually took place? Very sexy whatever the case.

Anonymous said...

A lovely explanation of a lovely photo.

Grizzly said...

you never did find that article...

having my cake said...

LOL. Hello. No, I didn't, did I ;P

TOPolk said...

Awesome read. Very vivid -- almost as if all of this wasn't fiction. ;-)