Saturday, 17 May 2008


His daily warm-up ritual consists of bench pressing more than her entire body weight 30 times.

The great bulk of him. Twice her weight, seemingly more than double her mass. The realisation that he could crush her like an ant, swat her like a fly and nothing she could do would protect her. The knowledge forcing its way to the front of her mind that, in the past, he has killed those who threatened his own safety. She is intoxicated by her own vulnerability.

Testosterone fills her nostrils and her psyche as he envelops her in an embrace. Drowning in his masculinity, she is lifed up and pressed to the wall, her legs forced to wrap around his waist to balance. Holding her there just with the power of his hips as his huge hands delicately make light work of tiny fastenings and divest her breasts of any material protection before plundering them.

His mouth captures hers, forcing her head backwards against the wall. Fingers entangling her thong and shredding. Cock out and hard against her inner thigh before plunging deep inside her.

He whispers: 'Something big won't go into something small...' and laughs. An echo of a throwaway line he had flung at her earlier - in front of all those men at his class. Deliberately trying to embarrass her and succeeding.

Knowing that, only hours later, the sheer magnetism of his personality would compel her to be here. To service him.

Sliding her up and down his length like some bizarre cock sock. His biceps, bigger than her thighs as they bulge to take up the slight challenge of supporting her.

A piece of fluff, impaled and possessed.

His hips pounding against her as he empties himself and she shudders to a dead weight in his arms.

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Angela-la-la said...

Ooh, as well as being sexy this ties in to my question a bit. Pop over and have a look please, darling? And bring all your bruise loving mates :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh So Nice!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, that reminds me so much of a bull elephant!

Anonymous said...

Naughty! Sorry haven't been round lately... trying to catch up!

having my cake said...

Ange - Ive done my bit. Anyone else with an interest in flogging could help Angie out.

Polar - Thank you x

Mr Bananas - I see your point

Isa - Welcome back