Friday, 2 May 2008

UnderRated: The Spirit of Blogging

If my mate Angie asks me to join in to support her, then so be it.

The same with my friend Z.

When ~EA launched a paperback version of his work, Compulsive Ardour, I bought a copy, knowing that it will be a very pleasant read.

And I love listening to Dazza's songs, particularly The Fool I am which is a definite earworm.

I've always been told that charity begins at home so when someone asks me to help them out, I do my best to be there for them in some shape or form.

Over the last year, Blogging and Bloggers have made a huge contribution to both my physical health and my sanity. They have been there for me, both virtually and in reality, when the chips were down and I have tried very hard to return the favour wherever needed.

I think there is a bond between Bloggers which is seriously underrated. We are a community with all the same personalities and scenarios as appear in the real world. And, just as in reality we form friendships, so Bloggers also interact.

My life was a much poorer place without them.

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The Troll said...

What a profound and touching sentiment. Heck, there's even a space for trolls in the blogosphere. Happy Over-Under Friday.

P.S. This week was supposed to be OVER-RATED but that's okay.

having my cake said...

Troll - Oops, but Im a glass half-full kind of person. I shall big up underrated things again next time and use the intervening month to try to find something to slag off :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Lovely sentiments. "We're all one big hairy family", as we say where I live. As for trolls, I just hug them to death.

moi said...

Nicely stated. BTW, I gave you a position in Moi's Virtual Presidential Administration. As a, uh, Weapon. Happy Friday to you!

Vi said...

All so true! It's amazing how you can meet friends from blogging!

Effortlessly Average said...

When I saw "EA" I thought for a misguided second that you meant me. Sadly, I'm still on the outside looking in. heh.

Ro said...

You're quite right - as a relative newbie here, I still sometimes find myself surprised by the community spirit.

Of course, that means that there are the fights as well as the smiles, in common with every other community, but they're well worth coping with :)

Redhead Editor said...

My life would be so empty without you. Long live bloggy friends!

having my cake said...

GB - Exactly! A place where we can love everyone :)

Moi - A weapon with shoes and lingerie... Unbeatable

Vi - It's a meeting of minds

EA - If you write a book, I'll buy it. Never on the outside!

Ro - Well, in my real life I try not to have fights, so I dont want to spoil things in my virtual one either.

RHE - Ditto x

Tom Allen said...

I always crack up whenever I read a magazine or newspaper columnist diss bloggers when they say "Who wants to read about what random strangers had for breakfast?" It shows that they haven't spent more than five minutes doing research, if that.

People are amazing in their capacity to form unions and societies and support groups in virtually every medium in which they work. I'm sure that ten years ago I would have thrown myself off a bridge if it weren't for some great support that I'd found on a Usenet group; and in an amazing karmic turn, I'm now able to return that good fortune to the various people who write to me.

Blogging: Under-rated. Totally.

Lady in red said...

I quite agree about the blogging community and even did a post about it recently. I have made many friends through blogging which includes meeting about a dozen. I have watched bloggers begin and others end some have closed their blog and opened new ones. some are among my facebook friends as you know.

Blogging is very much underated in real life but why do I not admit to people that I blog. Most of my lovers over the past 18 months know and have enjoyed reading but I don't tell other people and have not told Romeo.

Dazza said...

Thank you, thank you for the plug! Wish I'd spotted it sooner as I've deleted that page now as promised... there is a new version up now though (but on a different page), so hopefully people will check it out.

Thanks again!


having my cake said...

Tom - Absolutely!

LiR - Blogland is somehow separate from our real world selves

Dazza - You're welcome and Ive updated the link. I want people to hear that song!

Dazza said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we found each other in cyberspace. You rock.