Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Essence of Reader

I feel we should get a little better acquainted since we seem to be spending time together now and then.

I want you to stroll down to your local Mall or whatever it is you call the nearest shopping centre.

You should go into the department store with the best perfumery and locate the Chanel counter.

Select the tester bottle marked 'Allure' and spray a little on the inside of your wrist.

Then spend the journey home sniffing me before coming online to tell me what you wear...

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Gorilla Bananas said...

I rely on my natural body juices to impress the ladies, although your scent sounds interesting. Does it contain pheremones?

Walker said...

CK1 when I want to be subtle and BOSS when I want to announce my arrival from 20 miles away LOL

Helga Hansen said...

The trouble is that while Allure may be charming and delightful on your skin, who's to say that it will be the same on mine?

I wear Flower by Kenzo... I can't wear strong perfumes/spray deos, etc. as it triggers asthma in me. Once upon a time I used to wear Beautiful and White Linen by Estee Lauder, but they have become cloying to my nose.

having my cake said...

Mr Bananas - Ive no idea what's in it... but it does seem to work :)

Walker - I like Boss but I dont think Ive smelt CK1. I am so looking forward to sniffing my Reader :)

Helga - Absolutely. Someone I know loved Issy Miyake but when I put it on me, I thought it was vile. I too have used Beautiful and also La Dolce Vita. Earlier Cake scents included Rive Gauche, Opium and Ysatis.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I've always liked Allure... That's a nice little tidbit to reveal. Now it's a multi-sensory blog reading experience. :)

I'm not a perfume wearer, so I smell mostly like shampoo/conditioner/soap.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I like Allure, my 'signature scent' is Dior's Hypnotic Poison. I've had people send me text's from all over the world saying they just caught a whiff of 'playdough' as its referred to and thought of me. Funny how scent is so evocative like that. BG x

Semele said...

At the moment, Red Roses by Jo Malone most days, occasionally Givenchy's Very Irresistable Summer, and Armani Code for evenings and cooler days.

I love the scent of roses, but think Code would be my signature if any. Like Helga, I tend to go off scents that I've previously loved, but after more than a year this hasn't happened with Code.

Vi said...

Dammit, don't know when I'll next get to a counter, but will try it when I do!

Dazza said...

What a great idea! Smell is a very underrated sense, it creates whole new worlds of understanding.

I use a CK1 base from Eygpt and one that supposedly was found in King Tut's funeral goods... bit hard to find that one, I guess.


nitebyrd said...

"Allure" is lovely. "Ysatis" is also one of my top scents.

Currently my favorite is "Covet" by Sarah Jessica Parker.

having my cake said...

Ms I - Ruf never wears aftershave. I quite like the smell of soap/shampoo

BG - There's a scent that smells of Playdough? Im off to sniff me some of that. *Wonders if there's one that smells of new magazine*

Semele - Not sniffed any of those. Im going to spray all of them on different bits of me and come out of Debenhams stinking like a whore's boudoir :)

Vi - You dont say what you wear tho?

Dazza - You smell of 3000 year old dead body?

Nitebyrd - I cant imagine SJP smelling anything other than Lovely :)

Mr. DNA said...


janeway said...

My favorite is also a Chanel scent - Chanel No 22. It was one of their classics for years. It's been 'reformulated' recently, though, and I've not had the opportunity to get the new version. If not No 22, then Norell, by Norman Norell - another (very) oldie but goodie.