Saturday, 3 May 2008


He knows just what to say.

To stimulate her most erogenous zone.

Her body is rigid with anticipation.

She is aware of her breath, panting.

The blood pounding its pulse in her ear.

Feels the shivers coursing through her body.

Nipples tingling and peaking.

Goosebumps rising.

Clit throbbing.

She looks up at him.

Her lips part.

His finger brushes across them.

Its echo reverberating through every cell.

Her mind's orgasm

Translating to a physical manifestation.

Quivering and melting before him.

He has the power.

And she is lost...

Blogging Every Day In May



Gorilla Bananas said...

Words can make a clit throb? Must be good words...or a special clit.

having my cake said...

GB - I dont really expect guys to understand. It is the most amazing thing - to be that aroused without having been physically touched. And, no, Im not going to tell you what was said :)

Ro said...

I'm less interested in what was said than who said it ... if I can figure that out, perhaps I can pay for lessons ;^)

Ariel said...

Power can also be a wordless presence, the side-effects of which are exactly the same you describe.

Anonymous said...

"Lost" is exactly the right word. Well done.