Friday, 9 May 2008

The Etiquette of Adultery

There is no sliding scale of justification that tempers the degree of our adultery and nothing we can write, say or do will change that.

There are no mitigating circumstances, no sufficently excusable reasons for embarking on an extra-curricular liaison with another person - whether it be virtual or sexual. It is a totally selfish act, driven by all the baser elements of our emotional make-up.

An affair is a betrayal and the spouse who plays happy families but still feels the need to have a lover is no better than the wife who sleeps with a succession of men to feed her self-esteem or the husband who cheats with a series of one night stands whilst his partner is pregnant and left holding all the babies.

The adulterous are all equally guilty.

We do what we do, for whatever reason, and hope that it will be worth any repercussions.

And we continue to transgress whilst praying that we will not get caught.

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