Friday, 23 May 2008


I have to admit to a crush.

When I look at a woman, naked picture or otherwise, it is in a comparatory way. Is she prettier than me? Does she have a better arse or perkier tits? I am assessing her as a threat rather than in a sexual way.

Some years ago, one New Year's Eve, I kissed a woman. And, yes, there are photographs but, no, I will not post them.

I did it partly to please a watching man but, mainly, to cross it off my list of 'Things To Do Before I'm 50'. She was young, she was pretty but I didn't fancy her. Her mouth was soft and minty and she seemed to enjoy having my tongue in it. It was very pleasant but it confirmed to my twisted psyche that I was not a lesbian because I didn't have any burning desire to do it again, nor the urge to rip off her clothing and plunder any part of her anatomy - which is what normally happens when I kiss a bloke.

It was my daughter who introduced me to The L Word. At first, I thought she was making me watch it preparatory to telling me that she herself was gay. But, when I tremulously asked the question, she laughed and proved she was her mother's daughter by replying: 'Nah, I like cock too much!'

It was something we started to watch as a way of spending quality time together. It's really just a glorified soap opera with the added hook in that all the sex scenes involve women. I've found it very educational in that it has introduced me to all different types of women, including transexuals and also a 'lesbian' man who only fucked women with a dildo.

In the beginning, I found the sex scenes deeply uncomfortable. I had to make myself watch them. It wasn't that I felt disgust, just discomfort... even when watching them on my own. Until it came to the scenes involving Shane.

She is the rock star chick who attempts to personify what, I suppose, would be termed a 'butch' lesbian. And I beg the pardon of my Sapphic readers at my total ignorance of what the politically correct terms are because this is all new to me.

I always imagined butch lesbians to be cropped haired, macho type women. The overweight, almost masculine 'bull dyke' with hairy armpits. To all intents and purposes a man... but minus a penis. There don't seem to be too many of them in evidence in the series and certainly not as major characters but I suspect that is for televisual aesthetics as all the actresses are very easy on the eye.

Obviously, from watching the programme, I have come to understand that the stereotypical, jaundiced view of the lesbian partnership - bull dyke with fluffy femme - is not the norm and that they don't always conform to the standard heterosexual understanding of things.

As you can see from the photographs, Shane is definitely not butch. She is pretty and sweet and vulnerable. Her personality is extremely complex but she is very much the tomboy. Sexually, she does behave in a way that would normally be ascribed to the male component of a couple. And she certainly has an androgynous look to her.

In the opening credits to the second series, the women are all dressed in pretty frocks. But Shane is in amongst them wearing a suit jacket and a shirt with a half-slung tie. As the rest of the girls preen, she holds out her hand to her lover in the way a man would. Possessively leading her away from the crowd to kiss her privately. Palms pressed against the wall on either side of her lover's head dominantly. There is something about that movement that is so inherently sexual and, every time I watch, it touches me and invokes the strangest feelings. For it is a woman, dressed in masculine attire, adopting a male gesture. Behaving like a man. It is most confusing.

And so, I give you Shane. The first woman with whom I have ever considered the possibility of getting naked.


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Vi said...

Spat my drink out when your daughter said she loved cock too much!!! What a great relationship you have with her.

Ronjazz said...

Good for you, Cake! We all learn something about ourselves every day, if we pay attention...;)

Lois Lane said...

EVERYBODY has the hots for Shane..... *fans face*

Kathy said...

What does it say about me that the woman I say that about is considered very feminine - Angelina Jolie?

Anonymous said...

OMG...I have a crush on her too.

Midnight said...

I sometimes go to a gay bar for late drinkies and there are some real butch lesbians with cropped hair getting it off with absolute babes. The mismatch (in my eyes) amazes me as you would never usually see straight babes with blokes that look that bad.

There is hope for us all!

Gorilla Bananas said...

How do you feel about shemales, Mrs Cake?

Vixen said...

I have a mad, MAD crush on Shane.


I've been watching The L Word for years. During their off season, so I don't go through withdrawals, I watch the past season, lol.

Mr. DNA said...

I have a friend who only seems to like lesbian women.
Since he's a guy there's no chance of hooking up with any of these ladies.

He doesn't date often.

I figure he's just gay and wont' admit it.
It's easier to seek out unavailable women then confront the truth, I guess.